Měděné wolframu rod, měděné tyče wolframu
Kobber Wolfram rod, kobber Wolfram stænger
Koperen wolfraam staaf, koperen wolfraam staven
Copper tungsten rod, Copper tungsten rods
Tige de cuivre tungstène, tiges de cuivre tungstène
Kupfer Wolfram Stab, Kupfer Wolfram-Stäbe
Bacchetta di rame tungsteno, barre di rame tungsteno
Kobber Wolfram stang, kobber Wolfram stenger
Haste de tungstênio de cobre, cobre varetas de tungsténio
Wolfram de cupru, cupru Wolfram tije
Медный стержень вольфрама, медный удочки вольфрам
Varilla de tungsteno de cobre, barras de tungsteno de cobre
Koppar volfram rod, koppar volfram stång
Bakır tungsten çubuk, bakır tungsten çubuklar
Copper tungsten

Copper tungsten rod

Copper tungsten rod Copper tungsten rod Copper tungsten rod

1, Diameter: 1.5-100.0mm
2, Length: 50-1000mm
3, Density: 12.60-17.05 g/cm3
4, Composition: W 55-90%, Cu 10-45%
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface

Copper tungsten Alloy (WCu) is the composite of tungsten and copper which own excellent performance of tungsten and copper. It is used widely in such industries as engine, electric power, electron, metallurgy, spaceflight and aviation.

The manufacturing process is as follows: press the refractory metal, sinter the pressed compact at a high temperature, and infiltrate it with copper. All this is done under very closely controlled conditions. The result is a relatively hard material with superior arc and wear resistance, high physical Properties: at elevated temperatures, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Copper tungsten data sheet






Electric Conductivity

Hardness (Min)

CuW55 45±2 Balance 10 12.30g/cm3 55%IACS 125HB
CuW60 40±2 Balance   12.75g/cm3 52%IACS 140HB
CuW65 35±2 Balance   13.30g/cm3 50%IACS 155HB
CuW70 30±2 Balance   13.80g/cm3 49%IACS 175HB
CuW75 25±2 Balance 11 14.50g/cm3 47%IACS 195HB
CuW80 20±2 Balance 12 15.15g/cm3 42%IACS 220HB
CuW85 15±2 Balance   15.90g/cm3 35%IACS 240HB

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