Wolfram bar, wolframových tyčí
Wolfram bar, Tungsten barer
Wolfraam bar, wolfraam bars
Tungsten bar, Tungsten bars
Tungstène bar, barres de tungstène
Wolfram bar, Wolfram-bars
Tungsteno, barra, barre di tungsteno
Wolfram bar, Tungsten barer
Tungstênio bar, barras de tungstênio
Wolfram bare, bare de Tungsten
Вольфрам бар, вольфрам бары
Tungsteno bar, barras de tungsteno
Volfram bar, Tungsten barer
Tungsten bar, Tungsten çubuklar

Tungsten bar

Tungsten bar Tungsten bar Tungsten bar
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Tungsten bar introduction

1, Grade: W1, W2, W3, W4
2, width*Length: (2.0-100.0mm)*(2.0-100.0mm)
3, High: 50-1000mm
4, Density: Purity 99.92%, 99.98% can also be achieved if special demanded.
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface

Tungsten bar application

Tungsten bar is mainly used to found ingredient of material, cutter and heads, tungsten wire for lights instruments and conductor of heat, crankshaft and cylinder barrel of advanced automobile, ingredient of kinds of heat-resistant steel. Tungsten bar is also used to make guns, artillery rockets, satellite airplane and ship.
We supply large quantity of high quality tungsten bars. Our tungsten bar is fine-grained and has a luster rather like that of silver in uniform color. It measures 12 * 12 * 300mm or 14 * 14 * 460mm.
Tungsten bar is used as a material for making special steels and tungsten wire, or used in electric contact points. Tungsten bar with impurities is used to procedure bulb filaments or electron tube filaments, which are guaranteed to have remarkable resistance to high temperature.

Tungsten bar contents form


W content(%)


Size of blanks


Pure tungsten bars



12 * 12 * 400
14 * 14 * 450
16 * 16 * 600

Tungsten bars and contacts

Tungsten bars for drawing wire


Doped W bars
suitable for drawing
wire and for stirring
rods in the smelting of rare earth metals

Tungsten bars for steel smelting


High purity W bars suitable for steel smelting
W bars of an industrial grade suitable for steel smelting

Tungsten blanks



(20-50) * (20-300) * (20-600)

Suitable for rolling tungsten plates

Note: The specification and composition of tungsten bar can be self-defined by customer.


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