Kroucené dráty wolframu
Twisted Wolfram kabler
Twisted wolfraam draden
Twisted tungsten wires
Tordus de fils de tungstène
Twisted Wolfram Drähte
Twisted fili di tungsteno
Tvunnet Wolfram ledninger
Torcida fios de tungstênio
Wolfram fire răsucite
Витые провода вольфрама
Twisted hilos de tungsteno
Twisted volfram kablar
Tungsten Tel bükülmüş

Twisted tungsten wires

Twisted tungsten wires Twisted tungsten wires Twisted tungsten wires

1, Grade: WaL/W1 (+AL)
2, Diameter: φ0.4-1.3mm
3, Number of strands: 1-10(strands)
4, Difference between 2 feet (mm): Big heater element: ±2mm; Small heater element: ±1mm
5, Inside diameter tolerance: ±0.3mm
6, According to the samples or drawings of customers

Twisted tungsten wires are made of selected high-quality material of tungsten, with the properties of excellent thermal conductivity, finely processed, and long duration. Unusual stranded tungsten wires are applied as evaporator (heating element) in the vacuum metallizing (evaporation) process to coat thin film on surface of mirrors, kinescope, toys, home appliance, machine and various decoration, etc.


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