Wolfram vytlačení zemřít, zemřou vytlačení slitiny wolframu
Wolfram ekstrudering die, Tungsten legeret ekstrudering die
Wolfraam extrusie sterven, wolfraam aluminium extrusie sterven
Tungsten extrusion die, Tungsten alloy extrusion die
Die extrusion de tungstène, die de tungstène alliage extrusion
Wolfram Extrusion Die, Wolfram Aluminium Extrusion die
Die di estrusione di tungsteno, tungsteno in lega estrusione die
Wolfram ekstrudering dør, Tungsten legering ekstrudering dø
Morrer de extrusão de tungstênio, die de extrusão de ligas de tungstênio
Wolfram extrudare mor, Tungsten aliaj extrudare mor
Вольфрам экструзионный, экструзионный сплавов вольфрама
Mueren de extrusión de tungsteno, mueren de extrusión de aleaciones de tungsteno
Volfram extrudering die, Tungsten legering extrudering die
Tungsten ekstrüzyon kalıp, Tungsten alaşım ekstrüzyon kalıp
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Tungsten alloy

Tungsten alloy extrusion die

Tungsten alloy extrusion die Tungsten alloy extrusion die Tungsten alloy extrusion die

Major advantages of tungsten alloy extrusion die and die casting components

1. High thermal stability
2. High impact resistance
3. Good machinability
4. Excellent crack resistance
5. Reduction in press down-time
6. Minimal extruded metal pick-up

What is extrusion die and die casting components?

This invention relates to extrusion dies useful for processing both non-ferrous metals and alloy steels, the dies being made of a predominant amount of molybdenum or tungsten, the remainder being zirconium. Extrusion die is usually used in the multiple extrusion process which is specially designed to prevent delaminating or cracking of the rods during extrusion.
Die casting components products are usually used in die casting tooling, particularly in the manufacture of aluminum, zinc and brass castings, to ensure the long die life and minimum shrinkage porosity of the components.

Appliances for tungsten alloy extrusion dies and die casting components

Hard steel wire is generally made by forcing solid metal through a hole, called a die, under such intense pressure that it is extruded like pasta. Can you imagine the incredible forces that must be acting on the holes? In some cases diamond or sapphire (nearly as hard) dies are used, but this one is made of a tungsten alloy, probably because of its high strength even at very high temperatures.
On account of its prosperities of high heat resistance, good hardness, excellent plasticity ability, tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) is quite suitable material for tolls such as extrusion dies, die casting components, etc., especially when it is employed in extrusion die of copper related alloy, the manufacture of aluminum, zinc and brass castings. Extrusion dies are made from a sintered material consisting of Mo and/or W containing 2-60% by volume of high melting point non-metallic components which are free from oxygen (except possibly in impurity amounts).
There is another property for tungsten heavy alloy is durable, which guarantees its longer life than traditional die materials, and assure the minimum shrinkage porosity of die casting components. So the extrusion dies made of such raw material as tungsten are available with an assurance of high quality and standard.


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