Wolfram slitiny Rode, tyče slitiny wolframu, wolframu rod
Wolfram legeret Rod, Tungsten legeret stænger, Tungsten rod
Wolfram gelegeerd Rod, Tungsten Alloy staven, wolfraam staaf
Tungsten Alloy Rod, Tungsten Alloy Rods, Tungsten rod
Tungstène alliage Rod, tiges en alliage de tungstène, tige de tungstène
Wolfram Legierung Rod, Wolfram Legierung Stäbe, Wolfram-Stab
Tungsteno in lega Rod, Tungsten Alloy Rods, asta di tungsteno
Wolfram legering Rod, Tungsten legering stenger Tungsten stang
Tungstênio liga Rod, hastes de ligas de tungstênio, haste de tungstênio
Wolfram aliaj, Tungsten aliaj tije, Wolfram
Вольфрам сплава стержня, стержни сплавов вольфрама, вольфрам стержень
Varilla de aleación de tungsteno, barras de aleación de tungsteno, varilla de tungsteno
Volfram legering Rod, Tungsten legering stång, Tungsten rod
Tungsten alaşım Rod, Tungsten alaşımlı çubuklar, Tungsten çubuk
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Tungsten alloy

Tungsten alloy rod

Tungsten alloy rod Tungsten alloy rod Tungsten alloy rod

Tungsten Alloy Rod

1, Diameter: 2.0-100.0mm
2, Length: 50-1000mm
3, Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3
4, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface

Tungsten alloy rod is produced by pressing and sintering into billets, which are worked by rolling or swaging into rod. Smaller sizes are produced by subsequent drawing. Tungsten rod is produced in straight random lengths with a smooth swaged surface at diameters 3mm and larger, and with a smooth drawn finish below 3mm. A center less-ground finish can also be furnished. Specific lengths and special fabrications can be supplied upon request.

Applications for tungsten alloy rod

These kinds of rods could be machined further, which are usually used to making the parts of counterweight, radiation shielding, military defense appliance, welding rod, extrusion die, also for some sports fields, such as darts, billets, golf club, etc. Besides, we can manufacture and offer tungsten alloy rod as the counterpart of Anviloy 1150, whose properties are much similar.
As its high density, high melting point, small capacity, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, etc, tungsten alloy rod is increasingly welcomed by public.

General Specifications of tungsten alloy rod



Dia. tolerance


L tolerance

Liner rate

Sintering Rod






Forged Rod






Ground Rod






Tungsten Alloy Data Sheet


Density (g/cm³)

Tensile strength (MPa)


Hardness (HRC)

85W-10.5Ni-4.5Fe 15.8-16.0 700-1000 20-33 20-30
90W-7Ni-3Fe 16.9-17.1 700-1000 20-33 24-32
90W-6Ni-4Fe 16.7-17.0 700-1000 20-33 24-32
91W-6Ni-3Fe 17.1-17.3 700-1000 15-28 25-30
92W-5Ni-3Fe 17.3-17.5 700-1000 18-28 25-30
92.5W-5Ni-2.5Fe 17.4-17.6 700-1000 25-30 25-30
93W-4Ni-3Fe 17.5-17.6 700-1000 15-25 26-30
93W-4.9Ni-2.1Fe 17.5-17.6 700-1000 15-25 26-30
93W-5Ni-2Fe 17.5-17.6 700-1000 15-25 26-30
95W-3Ni-2Fe 17.9-18.1 700-900 8-15 25-35
95W-3.5Ni-1.5Fe 17.9-18.1 700-900 8-15 25-35
96W-3Ni-1Fe 18.2-18.3 600-800 6-10 30-35
97W-2Ni-1Fe 18.4-18.5 600-800 8-14 30-35
98W-1Ni-1Fe 18.4-18.6 500-800 5-10 30-35
90W-6Ni-4Cu 17.0-17.2 600-800 4-8 25-35
93W-5Ni-2Cu 17.5-17.6 500-600 3-5 25-35

Note: The specification and composition of tungsten alloy rods can be self-defined by customer.


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