Rhenium slitiny molybdenu
Molybdæn rhenium legering
Molybdeen renium legering
Molybdenum rhenium alloy
Alliage de molybdène rhenium
Lega di renio molibdeno
Molybden rhenium legering
Liga de rênio molibdénio
Molibden Reniu aliaj
Рений молибденового сплава
Aleación de renio de molibdeno
Molybden rhenium legering
Molibden Renyum alaşım

Molybdenum rhenium alloy

Molybdenum rhenium alloy Molybdenum rhenium alloy Molybdenum rhenium alloy

Molybdenum-Rhenium, commonly known as Moly-Rhenium (Mo-Re), is used extensively in industries as diverse as medicine, defense, pure research and production welding. Thanks to its excellent thermal and mechanical properties, this material is a less costly alternative to pure rhenium.

Moly-Rhenium products are available in three standard alloy compositions:
• Mo-Re 41%
• Mo-Re 44.5%
• Mo-Re 47.5%

These materials are available in wire, rod, bar, tubing, foil, sheet and plate. Plus, we now offer arc cast Mo-Re in 47.5% forms. Powders in composite, spherical and spherical alloyed forms are also available in a variety of mesh/sieve sizes, as are traditional flaked powders. Powders are sized by the FSSS, (Fisher Standard Sieve Size) measurement method.

Molybdenum-Rhenium Products:
• Moly Rhenium Sheet, Foil and Plate Products
• Moly Rhenium Wire
• Moly Rhenium Rod
• Moly Rhenium Tubing

Standard sizes of rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium wire




   mm  % Re
 Re wire  0.050-2.28  99.99
 Mo 47.5 Re Wire  0.076-2.28  47.5
 Mo 44.5 Re Wire  0.076-2.28  44.5

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