Burr karbidu wolframu, karbidu wolframu burrs
Wolframcarbid burr, wolframcarbid burrs
Wolfraamcarbide burr, wolfraamcarbide burrs
Tungsten carbide burr, Tungsten carbide burrs
Carbure de tungstène burr, carbure de tungstène burrs
Wolframcarbid Burr, Zunder Hartmetall
Bava di carburo di tungsteno, carburo di tungsteno burrs
Wolframkarbid burr, Wolframkarbid burrs
Burr carboneto de tungstênio, carboneto de tungsténio burrs
Burr carbură de tungsten, carbură de Tungsten burrs
Из карбида вольфрама, колючкой карбида вольфрама burrs
Burrs de carburo de tungsteno carburo de tungsteno burr,
Volframkarbid burr, volframkarbid burrs
Tungsten karbür burr, Tungsten karbür burrs
tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide burr

Tungsten carbide burr Tungsten carbide burr Tungsten carbide burr

Tungsten Carbide Burrs/Carbide Rotary Files is a new tape milling cutter with high efficiency, instead of grading wheel bur with handle. It can cut and process various kinds of metal (including hardened steel) and nonmetal (such as marble) with hardness up to HRC max 65.

Advantages: high productivity, good processing quality, high finish, can be used to process a variety of high economic efficiency.

Applications of tungsten carbide burrs

  • Finish machining of all kinds of metal mold cavities after quenched.
  • Burring all kinds of work pieces of castings, forgings and welling spatters.
  • Chamfering angles, circular beads and fluting.
  • Polishing impeller channels. Fine grinding holes on work pieces.
  • Carving arts, crafts of metal and nonmetal.
  • etc.

Chinese standard of tungsten carbide burrs

Order No.

Cut diameter

Cut length

Shank diameter

Total length

F0313M03 3 13 3 50
F0618M06 6 18 6 58
F0820M06 8 20 6 58
F1020M06 10 20 6 60
F1225M06 12 25 6 65
F1625M06 16 25 6 65

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