Karbid wolframu vrtání bitů, vrtání bit
Tungsten carbide bore bits, bore bit
Wolfraamcarbide bits, boren boren bit
Tungsten carbide drilling bits, drilling bit
Bit de carbure de tungstène bits, forage de forage
Hartmetall-Bits, Bohren Bohren bit
Bit a bit, foratura di perforazione in carburo di tungsteno
Wolframkarbid boring biter, boring bit
Bit de carboneto de tungsténio bits, perfuração de perfuração
Carbură de tungsten foraj biţi, foraj biţi
Бит из карбида вольфрама, бурение бит, бурение
Carburo de tungsteno bits, taladro de perforación de bits
Volframkarbid borrning bitar, borrning bitars
Tungsten karbür sondaj sondaj bit bit
tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide drill

Tungsten carbide drill Tungsten carbide drill Tungsten carbide drill

We can make all kinds of carbide drill bits, center drill, twist drill, step drills and so on. We provide drills in standard size or as your requirement. To guarantee the product quality, precision and performance, we use end mills which are made by the world latest 5-Axis tools grinding machine.

We make different size of carbide drill bits. We can also accept non-standard products as your customization. If you're interested in our products, please send drawing, specification or detail size to us, and you will get our best service.

Some details of tungsten carbide drill

Outside diameter(D)

Overall length(L)

Flute length(l)

0.5-0.7 30 6
0.8-0.9 30 8
1.0-1.1 30 10
1.2-1.4 35 12
1.5-1.7 35 16
1.8-1.9 40 16
2-2.4 40 18
2.5-3.0 40 20
3.1-3.9 50 25
4-5 50 28
5.1-6 60 30
6.1-7 60 32
7.1-11 70 38
11.1-12 70 38
12.1-14 80 40
16 80 45

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