Karbid wolframu tipy
Tungsten carbide tip
Wolfraamcarbide tips
Tungsten carbide tips
Conseils de carbure de tungstène
Punte di carburo di tungsteno
Wolframkarbid tips
Pontas de carboneto de tungsténio
Carbură de tungsten sfaturi
Советы из карбида вольфрама
Consejos de carburo de tungsteno
Volframkarbid tips
Tungsten karbür ipuçları
tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide tips

Tungsten carbide tips Tungsten carbide tips Tungsten carbide tips

Tungsten carbide tips and blanks are four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel, virtually unscratchable, and have been widely used for decades in industrial applications as cutting tools, mining machinery, and rocket engine nozzles. The extreme hardness of tungsten carbide tips and blanks makes them useful in the manufacture of cutting tools, abrasive and bearings, as a cheaper and more heat-resistant alternative to diamond. Tungsten carbide tips and blanks are also used as scratchy-resistant material for jewelry including watch bands and wedding rings.

Carbide saw tips have a thin metal blade or disk with a sharp, usually toothed edge. Tungsten Carbide saw tips are used for cutting wood, metal, or other hard materials. They can be hand-operated or power-driven. Our Saw tips are used in surface processing of cast irons, colored metal and alloys, as well as nonmetal materials for hard metal, carbide rough turn, rough planning, and precision milling.

We produce various tungsten carbide tips, cemented carbide tips, gripped tips, end mill, drills, mining tips, which are sintered by HIP-sintering and hot processed, it make them very excellent in all the properties, which can be produced according to your print or drawings.

We produce a wide range of standard and special tungsten carbide sintered Saw Tips and Grooved Tips profiles, for both wood and metal cutting applications. Our Saw Tips are produced using automated press tooling. Larger Saw Tip profiles and hand shaped tip profiles to customer specification are available upon request.

We are a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide brazed tips and can supply all kinds of ISO Standard brazed tips as the client’s needs. The grades are K10, K20, M10, M20, P10, and P20. For non-standard parts, we have strong ability to make the mould by ourselves and produce as per your requirement. All our products are made of virgin raw material.

Tungsten carbide brazed tips

Equal to ISO Category Number




Bend Strength









sand-blasting nozzles Qualified for fine turning and half-fine turning when cast iron, non-ferrous metal, alloys as well as non-alloy materials cutting consecutively. Can make wire drawing of steel and non-ferrous metal. Also qualified for sand-blasting nozzles.









Qualified for machining of chilled cast iron, alloy cast iron, refractory steel and alloy steel. Also Qualified for the machining of common cast iron.









Qualified for finish machining and semi-finish machining for the cast iron, non-ferrous metal, alloy and unalloyed materials. Also qualified for wire drawing for the steel and non-ferrous metal, electric drill for geology use and steel drill etc.





Qualified for rough machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metal, and nonmetal materials, drawing of steel, non-ferrous metal and pipes, various drills for geology use, tools for machine manufacture and wearing parts.





Qualified for rough machining, semi-finish machining and finish machining during consecutive machining of carbon steel and alloy steel.





Qualified for rough machining for rough face of carbon steel and alloy steel, half process during discontinuity cutting.





Qualified for rough machining for rough face of carbon steel and alloy steel and discontinuity cutting.





Qualified for finishing and semi-finishing machining of refractory steel, high manganese steel and common steel.





Qualified for semi-finishing machining of refractory steel, high manganese steel and common steel.

Welcome your inquiry about the details as well as individual customer specification. And we sincerely invite you to experience our good quality, excellent service, competitive price and various competencies.


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