Karbid wolframu tlačítko
Wolframcarbid knap
Wolfraamcarbide knop
Tungsten carbide button
Bouton de carbure de tungstène
Pulsante di carburo di tungsteno
Wolframkarbid knapp
Botão de carboneto de tungsténio
Butonul carbură de tungsten
Кнопка карбида вольфрама
Botón de carburo de tungsteno
Volframkarbid knappen
Tungsten karbür düğmesi
tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button Tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide button introduction

Tungsten carbide buttons are widely applied in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring. Because of its wear resistance and hardness (9.8 Moe's scale), tungsten carbide is ideally suited for wear parts, other machine parts and dies which are subject to severe service conditions, such as high temperatures, corrosion and abrasion. In recent years, tungsten carbide has emerged as a superior alternative to steel in many industrial applications.

Most of this tungsten carbide wear parts and the mining tools are made of straight WC-Co hard metals without any addition of other carbides. Fine and ultrafine grained WC hard metals have become more and more important today in the field of wear parts, tools for chipless forming and cutting tools for cast iron, non ferrous alloys and wood.

A large portion of the tungsten volume in cemented carbide is today used in wear part applications, where there is a wide range of products from the very small (such as balls for ball-point pens) to large and heavy products, such as punches, dies or hot rolls for rolling mills in the steel industry.

Properties of tungsten carbide button

1. Cemented carbide/tungsten/spherical button
2. Wearing resistance good
3. Best suited to hard rock
4. Abrasive to very abrasive

Grade, properties and application of tungsten carbide mining tool parts







YC4C   14.8 >89.0 >1800 Mainly used as small buttons for precautions bits to cut soft and medium hard formations.
  YC6   K15-K20   14.8   >90.0   >2150 For coring crowns, electronic coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, 
oil cone bits and scraping knife bits, applied in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.
  YC8   K30   14.8   >89.5   >2320 For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, 
cone drill bits and scraping knife bits, used in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.
YK05   14.8 >90.5 >2500 Mostly used as the buttons of small and medium sized bits to drill soft and medium hard formations.
YC8C   14.7 >88.5 >2400
  YK15     14.6   >87.6   >2450 Suitable for buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and soft formations.
  YK20     14.4   >86.8   >2500 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and hard formations.
  YK25     14.4   >87.2   >2550 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and very hard formations.

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